From 3 to 1,700

Masini founded TeleRep, the juggernaut national select-list television sales representing firm. Masini served as TeleRep’s president and chief executive officer from its inception in 1968 to 1994.

Masini launched TeleRep out of a New York City apartment with just three people and three client stations. Under Masini’s leadership, TeleRep enjoyed unprecedented growth to hundreds of stations and employees, eventually billing more than 100 times the spot revenue of the original three. By the 1990’s, TeleRep and its subsidiaries employed more than 1,700 people. Today, TeleRep is part of CoxReps, the country’s largest national spot television sales company.

Inventor of the 4th Network & Syndicated Television

Al is also credited for creating syndicated television through Operation Prime Time (OPT), a consortium of stations designed to develop network quality prime time programming for local, independent stations. At the time it was the equivalent of the fourth Network — a spot that FOX later filled. Under Masini’s direction and creativity, Television Program Enterprises (TPE), an offshoot of OPT, became one of the top syndicators of first-run programming. Over 12 years, OPT scheduled and ran 32 outstanding specials, amounting to 112 hours of the finest prime time fare, most specials “out-rating” competing regular network programs.