What Did Al Mean to You?

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  1. We met Al over 14 years ago during one of our many visits to Hawaii. Ron was asked to demo a piano that Al had purchased for his new home. Our communications continued after we returned home and one day Al called asking us to return to Hawaii to entertain his guest for a house party. Al had a respect and appreciation for music and artistry, music brought us together and our friendship grew. We were so happy for Al when he married Charlyn, they were a special couple, this site is a beautiful tribute to Al.
    Thank you Charlyn.

    God Bless,
    Maryann and Ron Sfarzo

  2. Greg Stone says:

    Al was my boss, my mentor, my counselor and my friend!

    As a boss he was tough but always fair. He brought the best from people through is ethic of hard work and performance excellence. As a mentor he guided and taught me and took a genuine interest in my progress and career. As a counselor his solid, practical advice and uncommon wisdom were unequalled. As a friend he cared, was concerned and would simply do anything for you.

    Al exemplified greatness. As it is with all great men, the beloved Al Masini will live on through those he influenced with the human qualities that truly made him “one of a kind”!

    Greg Stone

  3. Dennis Ihara says:

    Having spent some time in Los Angeles working as an Actor and Producer’s Assistant matching scripts with actors, I began to realize that Hawai’i was missing out on the Film Industry and subsequent jobs it generated. When my ailing Mom brought me back home, I spoke to Speaker Calvin Say and he had the foresight to allow me to call the first Film Industry Convocation, bringing together notable people from all sectors to discuss filming in Hawai’i.

    The first meeting was a small group, but Al was very supportive and while he did not know me, took the time to attend. Hence sprung forth a Film Industry Day at the Legislature, and years later, the passing of a Bill that gave tax credits to movies filmed in Hawai’i. I enjoyed talking to Al and saw that he had a vision and loved Hawai’i. I regret that I was not able to share more thoughts and mana’o with him. When no one else really cared, I was appreciative of his help. He was a good man.

  4. Bill Clutter says:

    Although Al’s accomplishments in business are legendary, what I admired most was the fact that he was a courteous, gracious man, a man of refinement, a true gentleman. As John Henry Cardinal Newman said in the 17th century, “a gentleman’s great concern is to make everyone at their ease and at home. A gentleman has his eyes on all his company; he is tender towards the bashful, gentle towards the distant, and merciful towards the absurd. He makes light of favors while he does them, and seems to be receiving when he is conferring.” Perfectly describes the Al I knew and will miss terribly.

  5. Al Masini was one of the kindest, most quality people I’ve met in all my years in our business. Regardless of the demands being placed on him as head of TeleRep which had many successful shows on the air, he was never too busy to show how important others were to him. He was one of my dearest and special experiences from my Solid Gold years, and I’m so thankful for the friendship Billy & I enjoyed with him afterward. He was truly blessed with a lovely wife, Charlyn, who shares his same qualities, and I’m thankful for the years of happiness they had together. May God continue to keep His hand on you, Charlyn.

    With love and fondest memories,
    Marilyn McCoo

  6. Rudy Lohse says:

    Al Masini was my best friend. I first met Al when we started Xavier High School in New York City together. He was age 14 – as was I. Xavier always seated students alongside each other in alphabetical order: Lohse – Masini, so this continual close contact bonded our friendship. Later we both proceeded to Fordham College, where this seating pattern continued.
    Al had a brilliant creative mind. He saw what other people did not see. That is what made him a great producer and television mogul. I enjoyed numbers, which led me into founding my own international actuarial consulting firm.
    Al loved the beach. Many times he asked us to join him at Spring Lake and Sea Girt on the New Jersey shore – all happy memories that we will retain forever.
    When Al retired to Hawaii, he invited my wife, Pat, and I to visit and stay with him. His home was breathtaking – overlooking Diamond Head and the Pacific Ocean.
    Al was never a showman or boastful – never smoked and rarely took a drink.
    He endeared himself to us, our daughter Karen, and son Robert, by his constant kindness and generosity. He was a true lifetime friend.
    Al and his wife, Charlyn, attended our 50th Wedding celebration in Florida, despite the long distance from his Hawaii home, giving me the supreme compliment that he would never travel 6,000 miles anywhere except for his friend, Rudy.
    Throughout the years, Al and I, with our wives, coordinated our vacation trips to Europe, in order to be able to meet and enjoy time there together. England and Germany were some of our favorite places.
    Al was fortunate to have such a loving and caring wife in Charlyn, whose total devotion to Al we also wish to honor here.
    Today, looking back over the years, I know what a true friend really is and how fortunate I am to have had one!
    Rudy Lohse

  7. Kim Gennaula says:

    As I sit here and look at your pictures on this site I still can’t believe you’re gone Al.
    You have been such a bright light in our lives and in our community. I will still be looking around for you – the most stylish guy in the room! – the next time I’m at a social function with exciting people and beautiful women :). I have been blessed to spend time with you and Charlyn and share in the stories of your amazing accomplishments. You have been an inspiration to me in my 20+ years in TV. And Guy and I will never forget our wonderful dinner with you and Charlyn at Michel’s. Life is too short – but I am truly glad I got the chance to spend some of it with you.

  8. Gloria Shannon says:

    Al, you were one of a kind! I enjoyed working for you at TeleRep and again at Television Program Enterprises (TPE). You raised the bar for quality programming! If it weren’t for what you did, I’m not sure if there’d be an American Idol (Star Search), The Housewives franchises (Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous), magazine formatted shows (Entertainment Tonight), which is still running and all the mini-series that are aired (Operation Prime Time) .
    I met people, that I’m still great friends with today, becaused I worked for you. Rest In Peace my old friend. Wow, what an amazing life!

  9. I was introduced to Al by a mutual friend, Robin Leach. We first met at Orchid’s at the Halekulani. Al introduced me to his beautiful wife, Charlyn. What a generous and witty man. We immediately clicked and learned we had a lot of mutual friends including colleagues from COX and TeleRep. Despite Al’s huge successes, he never thought of himself as better than anyone else. He was generous of his time, had a story for everything, and never stopped gushing about his wife, Charlyn. Al’s favorite desert was ice cream. I’ll never forget a time he wasn’t feeling well and I had a company create a “Masini Swirl” flavor and deliver it to him. You would have thought that I sent him the greatest present ever.
    I will miss his larger than life presence. Godspeed, Al.

  10. Nancy Bellitte says:

    As I placed the special little 30 year old wooden tennis playing Santa ornament on the tree as I do every year, I said to my husband, Freddie, “Here’s Al. He’s on our tree again”. Always gives me a very happy feeling as it represents 20 very special years of my life.
    I always considered Al my Santa. That’s because me at the age of 35, back in 1977, Al hired me as an Executive Assistant to his assistant, as well as to work in programming, Operation Prime Time, to the Director of Operations, Dennis Fitzsimons. TeleRep had already established itself as the quality rep, and had a reputation for having the best of the best working there in every position. I was so thrilled to be a part of this! All the programming and all the careers he was responsible for…quite a legacy!
    Whenever there was a synopsis of a program up for consideration by the Steering Committee to be a part of OPT/TPE, after work I would take my copy home, and Freddie would read it to me while I prepared dinner. And later I would type up my opinions/suggestions. Al’s enthusiasm and inspiration fired up the entire industry.
    And it thrilled me to document the growth of TeleRep for him in portfolios, as well as each of the regular shows and miniseries.
    Previously, I had had quite a checkered work history in media, and never stayed at a “job” longer than the “novelty” phase. So when Al Masini hired me after having gone through two other interviews at TeleRep even before meeting him, I was so thrilled and knew this was going to be where I would stay. I now had the combination of the challenge of my administrative skills and a test of my artistic creativity, not to mention the pace at which everyone at TeleRep worked. No way would or could the “novelty” phase run out. As the years passed, I went from Administration to Rsearch as I wanted to contribute, rather than assist someone else’s contribution, and when I saw the quality of our Research pieces compared to the competitions’, I furthered my education so I could bring word processing and computer graphics to TeleRep. Al believed in me, and it has always gratified me so much to know I was able to make a contribution to the growth of his company.
    I retired from TeleRep in 1998, and have so many, many fond memories. A couple of years ago, we forwarded our phone number here in Vegas to Al, and it was so great to to reunite our friendship and to meet Charlyn! Never saw Al happier!
    Not ten minutes after I put the little Santa on the tree, Al and Charlyn’s good friend, Tony Vericella called to tell us of Al’s passing the previous day. Can’t describe my feelings to their fullest, except to say that all the things Al has created will keep him alive forever.
    I’ll be forwarding memoirs on the growth of TeleRep, things that indeed will be special for Al’s website. May God bless you Charlyn.
    Nancy Bellitte

  11. Steve Szabo says:

    Al Masini was always gracious, kind and generous to everyone! His spirit will surely live on forever.

  12. Tommy D. says:

    Well were do I start. Al and I meet 31 years ago out in the Hamptons. I parked cars on the week ends at a Tennis Beach club in the Hamptons. Al was into tennis and played tennis there a lot. Now this was the era of The Arnold and PUMPING IRON days. Al noticed that my friends and I were in rather good physical shape. Seeing that Al was in good physical condition I invited Al to work out with us when ever he came out to the Hamptons.

    We worked out in my friend’s two car garge that his parents let us take over for years. Al took me up on my offer. Al became what we call a garge lifter and held his own. Al recieved a good education on proper lifting from me and my friends. I later opened a small Gym in the Hamptons, Al came in every week. Al asked me if I could set him up with some free weights in his apartment in Manhattan. That I did.

    Al was 26 years older than I and even though I’m in New York we always kept in touch. Al was a father figure to me, and when we spoke weight lifting was always the topic, also the memories of the garage lifting days. I knew Al not for business, but as a friend. Al gave me good advice in my life, when I hit some tough spots. Good freinds don’t have to be at each others door step everyday.

    Charlyn, Al spoke very highly of you, and I just want you to know that your kind gentle man was loved by me and my wife Cyndee. Our Blessing to you and your family.

    Love, Tom & Cyndee

  13. Kristin Austin says:

    Every week for the past 8 years I was invited into the home of the most caring, thoughtful and loving couple I have ever met, Al and Charlyn Masini. I can not talk about Al without mentioning Charlyn — they were always there for one another in humor and love.

    Al enjoyed his daily workouts and my weekly massage as part of his healthy lifestyle routine. During our time together, Al shared his wonderfully motivational, inspiring and touching life time stories. Al’s wisdom, thoughtfulness and humor were a charming combination.

    I will eternally be grateful for the countless hours Al and Charlyn spent encouraging and coaching my daughter, McKenzie Milan, as she started her modeling career and prepared for the Miss Hawaii Teen USA Pageant 2011. It was very touching to see how Al and McKenzie adopted each other. Al with his ability to see McKenzie’s potential and McKenzie absorbing Al’s every word like a child would to a loving father. Al would say “Be yourself- yet be your BEST self and pursue your dreams, give 110% in all you do and never give up.”

    My prayers for you, Charlyn, are that life will bring you a reflection of all the kindness you and Al have shown to our family and to others. Al’s love will forever leave fingerprints on my heart.

    Aloha Blessings,
    Kristin Austin

  14. Tonyv says:

    We have all been blessed to be part of Al’s life journey (for me, it’s been 15 very special years) and those positive memories will live on forever. (“my friend, mentor, brother”…Al is uniquely special and will always have a cherished spot in my heart and mind.) Passion, Pride, Perseverance, and Perfection are the qualities that drove Al in everything he did. He gave his heart and soul to every pursuit… personally, in the community, and in business.

    Whether it was in cultivating a friendship, in demonstrating his love for you, Charlyn, volunteering for a cause he believed in, or creating a business venture, Al was always 100% committed, 24 hours a day. There were “no limits”; nothing was impossible; he didn’t believe in the word “no.” His was a pursuit of excellence, of perfection. In friendship or business, Al was the absolute best and true “partner” you could have.

    You always felt he was there for you, even if you hadn’t seen or talked with each other for periods of time. His energy, at any age, was greater than anyone else’s on the team. No one pushed themselves any harder or any longer than Al. If he committed to accomplishing something, you could be certain that he would achieve it beyond your expectations. …going the extra mile; beyond the call; etc…these may be clichés to some, but this was Al, every minute of every day. Al loved you through and through.

    With warmest Aloha,


  15. Steve Sue says:

    Thanks Al for the champagne wishes and caviar dreams… your spirit and legacy will surely light up countless future generations.

  16. StoryManager says:

    “Find a need, fill the need and make it happen.” Words to live by ~ thanks for your inspirations Al.