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A Man I Always Remembered…

I met Al young in my real estate career in Beverly Hills. He ironically called me when we I was doing my mandatory, “Floor Time”. He had called my office and a man like him did not have a local real estate agent. I spoke with him for a long time that day and worked with him over phone and fax until his planned trip to LA. Wishing to buy in Beverly Hills and anticipating his one of a kind home to sell in Hawaii, we talked and I immediately was inspired as he was a humble man never bragging about what he accomplished.

When I met him with his former wife, he was so charming and casual. He not only respected this really young agent he took good care of me and made sure I ate as we hit the streets of Beverly Hills for endless hours per weekends trying to find what he was looking for (which did not exist). I then was given an opportunity to work with him on his Hawaii home from Los Angeles. I enjoyed working with him and after it was evident he was not going to buy at that time, he and I kept in touch. He always took my calls and never pushed off the phone. I made a mistake and did not take him on to work for him, but I will tell you he was always good for advice and he cared.

I am glad he moved on and found someone who cared for him. He was a very deserving man and always meant much to me in my life. I unfortunately did not travel to Hawaii to see him but I spoke to him a few years back and it was nice to catch up and hear how happy he was.

One day I watched television and of course I heard the news. I was so sad. I was hoping and waiting to hear of any local plans for memorial. I am glad you placed this site up as for awhile it was under construction. Mr. Masini alone has been in so many lives in and out of Hollywood and he is really a priceless human being who can’t be duplicated. He was an inspiration, respected, and cared for and I wish Charlyn great happiness and well wishes for you and the path Al has paved. May he always be watched over as I know he watches over us…

Jessica Russell, Los Angeles, CA, Real Estate Agent/producer, mentor, friend