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The First Time I Met Al

I was working as a production assistant on “Destination Stardom” in Los Angeles and I was sent to pick up Al. I thought I would have to drive a limo or black Lincoln Town Car to pick him up at LAX. I ended up picking him up in my 1997 Jeep Wrangler where the radio did not work.

I was very nervous being the TV mogul he is and thought he would complain about the transportation. I immediately recognized him and introduced myself to him. He could not have been more of a gentlemen. I said, “Mr. Masini I am Marcos and I am here to pick you up.”

He extended his hand and with a firm handshake the first thing he said was “Call me Al”. He made me feel more at ease. I guess he could see I was nervous. He actually complimented me on my Jeep. He told me how there are a lot of them in Hawaii and he likes his SUV.

He asked me more questions about myself than I did about him. He asked about my career, how I liked my Jeep, do I take the top down a lot and go to the beach, etc. After his visit I took him to the airport (back in my Jeep). He said I will see you soon, we have a new show to work on. He extended his hand with another firm handshake and said, “Thank for the ride Marcos.” A true gentlemen! I will never forget that.

There are not many men in the entertainment industry like him. Thanks Al! You taught me a great lesson on how to be a gentlemen.

Marcos PadillaLead Production Assistant/Casting director LA division