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Al Massini: A True Genius

I worked for Al Massini many years ago at Telerep for about 4 years. I had an entry level job. I knew he was a genius and unlike one other here I did not find him to be a tough boss at all. I saw Marilyn Mccoo’s tribute and I was at Telerep when she came a gracious and beautiful lady. So nice of her to give a tribute.

Here is my strongest memory about him: an employee who worked in the mail room was brutally murdered. It was quite a gruesome story that shook me up. When Al Massini found out he paid for the funeral and limousines and everything. He didn’t have to do that! Many bosses are like, I’m the genius and you are the idiot. He wasn’t like that. He was obvious very compassionate. So sorry to hear of his passing.

Pinky Lew
former employee