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Dr. Lawrence Tseu on Al

Charlyn and Al with Dr. Lawrence K.W. Tseu

“…somehow he seemed to perceive what people were interested in, what is good in entertaining them. He knew how to bring it out,’ said Dr. Lawrence Tseu, who was like a brother to Masini. “He was always thinking about what he can do better, how he can improve entertainment and how to bring it into Hawaii even, to help the economy and to entertain the people of Hawaii. He loved the people of Hawaii,” said Tseu.

Tseu and Masini met in 2000 at the Mrs. America Pageant. Over time, they became good friends, going on vacations, dining together. Tseu saw Al as his kid brother. Al saw it the other way around.

“No, no I should be the older brother because I’m taller than you are. But we were like brothers, we really loved each other,” said Tseu. “Most people don’t realize. In public, he looked very serious but if you get him one on one like he and myself, we keep each other in stitches, laughing and joking,” said Tseu. “He was a really unusual and a special, special human being.”