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Partnering with Hawai`i Community Foundation

Al’s Charitable Fund  is now partnered with the Hawai`i Community Foundation (HCF). HCF has been named the Fund administrator who will receive and distribute funds in tribute to Al’s Fund mission statement. Please make donations via the following:

  • Make checks payable to the “Alfred M. & Charlyn Masini Fund” or “‘Hawai’i Community Foundation’ Memo: Alfred Masini Fund” and mail to: Hawai’i Community Foundation 1164 Bishop Street Suite 800, Honolulu, HI 96813-2817
  • OR – DONATE VIA CREDIT CARD. Please note that Hawai`i Community Foundation will deduct a 5% fee of the amount donated for gift processing.
  • OR – for Securities Transfers (Stock or bank transfers) please call Lynelle Marble – Senior Philanthropic Services Officer – Hawai’i Community Foundation o:  (808) 537-6333 | d:  (808) 566-5564 | f: (808) 521-6286

Donations via HCF are 100% tax deductible, however please check with your tax advisor on annual maximums and other limitations. Launched 12/5/10

Al Masini’s tribute and future charitable fund website was launched 12/5/2010 at 9pm PST. Please visit to:

Please feel free to send corrections and comments to Contact

Byron Allen on Al

Byron Allen, Entertainment Studios president and Masini protégé remembers Al, “He was an American treasure and a very special human being.”

Diane Sawyer, ABC News Feature on Al

Diane Sawyer of ABC News did a really nice heart-felt and thorough feature on Al’s pioneering life works. BEWARE however that you have to sit through a commercial before you can watch the piece. You go ABC! Al would have been proud that you’re still leveraging his advertising concepts.

The Masini Fund

The Masini Fund is being created to help worthy causes. The Fund is currently in development and charitable initiatives are expected to begin in late 2011. To help build Al’s legacy: see Charitable Fund

To get news feeds on the Fund’s progress, please join Al’s facebook or twitter page.

Dr. Lawrence Tseu on Al

Charlyn and Al with Dr. Lawrence K.W. Tseu

“…somehow he seemed to perceive what people were interested in, what is good in entertaining them. He knew how to bring it out,’ said Dr. Lawrence Tseu, who was like a brother to Masini. “He was always thinking about what he can do better, how he can improve entertainment and how to bring it into Hawaii even, to help the economy and to entertain the people of Hawaii. He loved the people of Hawaii,” said Tseu.

Tseu and Masini met in 2000 at the Mrs. America Pageant. Over time, they became good friends, going on vacations, dining together. Tseu saw Al as his kid brother. Al saw it the other way around.

“No, no I should be the older brother because I’m taller than you are. But we were like brothers, we really loved each other,” said Tseu. “Most people don’t realize. In public, he looked very serious but if you get him one on one like he and myself, we keep each other in stitches, laughing and joking,” said Tseu. “He was a really unusual and a special, special human being.”